Dadju dream of a feat with Celine Dion : “I’m a big fan” 🎶

Dadju rêve d'un feat avec Céline Dion : "je suis un grand fan" 🎶

Dadju dream of a feat with Celine Dion : “I’m a big fan”

After his DM Instagram sent Rihanna to ask him to record a duet, Dadju shows which other artist he wants to collaborate : his answer may surprise you as it is… Celine Dion. The brother of Master Gims is a “big fan” of the canadian singer as he confides in the show “an Appointment with Kevin Razy” on Canal+.

In terms of collaborations, we can say that Dadju knows a thing or two. To prove it, the singer is already surrounded by Franglish, his brother, Maître Gims, Alonzo, MHD, Vegedream, Kalash, Keblack, S. Pri Noir, Niska and Naza on his album “Gentleman 2.0”, certified disk of diamond, and its re-publication. A nice list, but the interpreter of “Bob Marley” was there an artist with who he dreams to collaborate ? The answer is yes and you bet that you did not expect it either… Celine Dion.

“At its core, it is my mother who is a fan of Celine Dion”

Dadju has launched an initial appeal on Twitter this summer by posting : “someone has the num of Celine Dion ? It is for a feat“, before you entrust themselves to the topic in APPOINTMENT with Kevin Razy on Canal + : “I am a big big fan of Céline Dion. At the base of it is my mother who is a fan of Celine Dion and strength to listen to his music… I grew up with. Even a photo, if one sees that, she made the picture and it is good.

Certainly, the performer of “My Heart Will Go On” is not bad coveted since MHD and Kalash Criminal would like to also record a duet with her : “it is a crazy thing. I like it a lot, she has a voice of crazy sick, and she was pierced in the world“, has confessed to one who has just released her album “The lions den” PRBK.

“Rihanna made the girl a little bit”

In addition to Celine Dion, Dadju would very much like a feat with Rihanna : he also tried to contact her by private message on Instagram, but his proposal has it resulted in a positive response ? Not really… “I expect that she answer me, she made the girl a little, “balanced with humor, the artist dad of a little girl. Nothing is lost yet !


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