Dad or Mom : again, Do not, do not it ? “There are a ton more irreverent” (Interview)

Papa ou Maman : nouveau Fais pas ci, fais pas ça ? "Il y a un ton plus irrévérencieux" (Interview)

Dad or Mom : again, Do not, do not it ? “There are a ton more irreverent” (Interview)

It is this Thursday, December 6 that M6 starts the broadcast of its new series Mom or Dad is scope for Florent Peyre, and Emilie Caen, and adapted from the saga film of the same name. On this occasion, Purebreak was able to meet the two actors and ask them about the differences with the movies or the estate do not Do this, do not do it.

Writers have bumped into the madness of these characters

How is there such an adjustment ? Have you watched the movies before getting into your characters ?

Emilie Caen : It had seen the movies. I had loved without even knowing that one day there would be a series. I have to admit that I had reviewed the films to pass the casting, but after not. The series is so well written.

Florent Peyre : Ah, maybe I had reviewed the films for me also to prepare the castings, you’re right.

E. C. : Yes, to chopper a tone. But hey, in the end it was not that at all that they were asking for, so it was con reflex.

F. P. : Yeah I think it was a bit and looked saying stupidly ‘they will look for the same thing‘ and they had the intelligence not to search exactly the same thing. After we met, there has been much discussion with the director, we did a few readings. And little by little, the character moves.

And in fact, if the creators were not looking for the same thing, what can expect the fans of the movies ?

E. C. : there are a lot of differences. It is important to know that these are the same authors, so it has the same tone, but apart from that we quickly forget the movies. [They] does [do] not the same business, they are not the same characters. And the fact that it is in six episodes, it stretches the situations, it allows the secondary characters to be developed such as our parents, our childhood friend, children…

F. P. : there’s a madness that inhabits these characters, which is really the DNA of the writing of Dad or Mom. Writers have bumped the tone of Dad or Mom, the madness of these characters that have no limit and have a logic that is very strange to resolve their conflicts. It is more of the order of the child than the adult, based on low blows, whims, impulses… Whether in the movies or the series, it is the DNA of these characters.

More irreverent that do not Do this, do not do it

When you look at the series, it feels a little atmosphere to the “do not Do this, do not do it”. It has been an inspiration at the time of filming the series ?

F. P. : It is a beautiful legacy. They have had a lot of success, it was a very nice series. After that, there was never a time during filming where you said, or they came to us and say,’You see, it is a bit Do not, do not do it‘. This is a family series, of course, but I find that even when in Mom or Dad is there are a ton more irreverent. Not trash, but it goes a little bit further. It is more teasing. It is to be welcomed, not courage, but the desire of the broadcaster, the producer, the director… to say ‘we have not‘. I find it very well and in turn it was great.

Also, “do not Do this, do not do it” aired for 9 seasons. It is something possible for you ?

F. P. : I’ve signed up for 20 years. And you ?

E. C. : Yeah yeah, me too (laughter).

F. P. : No but it it is not known anyways. But of course, if it works, and that it takes a lot of fun to shoot with its partners, that the stories are still as enjoyable to play, to read, to watch… why stop ? But we’ll make a nice first season.

Usually, the comedies of M6 are short formats. Dad or Mom thus shows a certain ambition of the channel to evolve and offer something different. Have you felt a certain pressure related to that at the time of making the series ?

E. C. : You did not feel any pressure, ever. It was very free. There is a huge enthusiasm on the part of M6 with this series.

F. P. : And then this is not the first series 6×52 minutes or more. There has been a Quadra, Peplum. However, we know that M6 has a will of fictions, creations in series. One feels that they are very motivated and it is very nice to feel supported.

It is so barred, we passed beyond the topic of company

Dad or mom is definitely a comedy. However, will you still discuss certain subjects strong or taboos ? With children, we imagine a lot of current themes that could be dealt with at the screen.

E. C. : (thinks) No, but there are situations, family patterns that are a little non-standards. But I don’t want too much spoiler.

F. P. : I have the impression that the series is so much crossed out that, eventually, we passed beyond the topic of society. Nevertheless, one sees that this family is very open minded. There are indeed behaviors of society that are left open in the series. But there is not one episode where you say ‘this is the episode of bullying, this is the episode where such ado must announce it to his parents and it’s complicated‘. The real debate of the series is that they are in the process of divorce. That said, divorce is still a topic for plenty of couples, children, families.

What strikes you in discovering the series, this is the talent of the children who accompany you (Mary Narbonne, Nicolas Decroly and Charlie Paulet). A fair and measured, they are a real surprise.

E. C. : Yes, they are amazing, the three of them. I am a fan. They are very different all three it was their first filming, they are very professional… It was very joyful to all work together. The result is great, they did surprise me many times.

F. P. : After this are not their voice. We were forced to post-sync all the voices because it just sounded too fake and we stuck to other faces on the bodies… But otherwise they are fabulous, it is true that it was a pleasure to play with them. (laughter).

E. C. : but, but, But it goes well (laughs).

F. P. : It is true that they were super. And very pros. In addition, there was a child, a pre-teen and a teenager. But they were very square. It is sure that they are fatigued more quickly than an adult, but despite everything…

E. C. : And they were so happy to be there in more, it was so joyful this shoot. Everything went very well.

F. P. : In addition to the pay in “Choco Pops”, that’s good.

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