Cut fingers under the psychotropics: bloody rituals of the ancient people horrified scientists

Рубили пальцы под психотропами: кровавые ритуалы древних людей ужаснули ученых

New research has astonished the whole world. So experts say that the Stone age people could deliberately cut off his fingers during certain religious rituals. On top of that during the ceremony they were able to consume psychotropic substances that expand consciousness. And most likely acted as a pain reliever. It is reported by Newsweek.

Рубили пальцы под психотропами: кровавые ритуалы древних людей ужаснули ученых

This theory was proposed by Professor of archaeology at a canadian University Simon Fraser mark Collard, to explain the large number of cave drawings, which depicted hands with all fingers. Though many scientists disagree with this theory, it still has the right to life and could be the real explanation of the phenomenon.

In their new study, Collard praised the hundreds of prehistoric drawings that were made by the inhabitants of Western Europe in the Late Paleolithic era thousands of years ago.

Рубили пальцы под психотропами: кровавые ритуалы древних людей ужаснули ученых

It is known that in one place in France was found 231 drawing hands. 114 of them have missed at least one phalanx of the fingers. The image of hands, it seems, belonged to different groups of contemporary society including women, men and children.

Hands with severed fingers have long been recognized as “the mysterious feature of the cave drawings”. But few scholars tried to explore and explain it.

Scientists have previously put forward various reasons for the lack of fingers:

is evidence of the use of sign language or systems.

– the cut off fingers is a consequence of the frequent cases of frostbite.

– probably the people deliberately bending the toes for a change.

Collard and his team have proposed a new explanation: what if your finger is intentional cut in the course of cultural or religious ritual.

The researchers found the practice of ritual amputation in 121 culture around the world and analyzed the reasons for this.

Was driven scenarios in which the amputation was performed during the rituals for punishment, honor and marriage. Because the data collected on the cave drawings don’t fit in these versions. For example, among contemporary societies cutting fingers during wedding refers strictly to women.

According to scientists, it is most likely that stone age people voluntarily cut off his fingers during the religious ceremonies associated with sacrifice or worship. Both reasons are seen in different cultures and in no way linked to sex or age.

Recall that humanity has descended from a common ancestor that existed more than 100-200 thousand years ago.

As reported by the portal Znaia in the rocks of Guizhou province in South-West China, discovered the unique fossil of a turtle with no shell.

The portal also Znayu wrote that scientists have studied several pictures and artifacts of the Neanderthals and came to the conclusion that, most likely, they taught us the art.


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