Crazy russiyane prayers have healed the baby to death

Сумасшедшие руссияне молитвами залечили ребенка до смерти

Parents from the Russian city of Ryazan treated their newborn baby prayers. However, his condition deteriorated and he died.

The couple was convicted. The parents were found guilty of causing death by negligence. The baby’s father received a year of restriction of liberty, the mother for nine months. In the court of the would-be parents admitted his guilt and repented.

Сумасшедшие руссияне молитвами залечили ребенка до смерти

The court found that the couple had a child with a congenital disease. The newborn boy was assigned the necessary treatment. First parents complied with the doctor’s recommendations and gave the necessary baby medications. However, for some reason he changed his mind and decided to treat the baby in his own way- through prayer. They hoped that daily prayers will help him recover. This “treatment” has caused the deterioration of the health of the baby.

Сумасшедшие руссияне молитвами залечили ребенка до смерти

The newborn needed hormone therapy. Parents the doctors explained that when refusal of treatment the child may die. Later they read in the network of articles about the disease and decided not to give drugs. The result is a three-month child died.

We will remind, the man has been in a coma for 19 years. When he woke up, he met the 11 grandchildren with modern technology and a new way of life.

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