Crazy from the cold Kiev stormed the train: photo

Очумевшие от холода киевляне штурмовали электричку: фото

On Tuesday, 4 December, in Kiev the passengers waited for the city train at the station “vyshgorodska” more than an hour. The reasons for this delay are unknown.

The train schedule was supposed to arrive at 8:41, the train was late more than an hour. When he appeared on the platform, frozen, the passengers began to take it by storm.

Очумевшие от холода киевляне штурмовали электричку: фото

When it arrived at the station a few “stripped down” train. Instead of the traditional 6-8 cars in the train consisted of only four. Angered residents and the condition of the cars.

According to “Kyiv Rapid” train, besides being late and the small number of cars, impressed the passengers and even the old state.

Очумевшие от холода киевляне штурмовали электричку: фото

“Ragged, some doors do not open,” – say the passengers.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev the cops found the suspects in a daring attack on the city train, which occurred on 31 July 2018. Then the gang stopped the train between stations “Raw” and “vyshgorodska”, and then start to paint the cars and throw stones at the passengers.

“The vandals held the train between stations for about half an hour, in that time the cars were not only adults but also children. In addition, when the passengers started to make comments to the bullies, they threw stones and fired tear gas”, – told in the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office.

We will remind, the Kiev passenger electric train turned into a bloody mess. The man fell from the train window during movement.

As reported Know. ua near Kiev, a woman was sucked under the train and ripped. Intercity passenger train crushed a woman who was too close to the edge of the platform.

Also Know As. ua wrote that scandalous Omeljan confused the plane with a bus: Ukrainians in fury – let them go. Omeljan “accidentally” dropped the ticket price by half.


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