Cops detained a Ukrainian Snoop Dogg: social media outraged

Копы задержали украинского Снуп Догга: в соцсетях негодуют

The police arrested a foreigner with drugs. Pravohraniteli drew attention to it during a patrol. He drank alcohol on the Playground and loud music.

About it reports a press-service of the National police.

In Sumy elderly woman called the police and reported four suspicious men in his entrance. The cops spotted them from afar near the entrance. They saw law enforcement officers and started to run. After that, from the entrance of the house came a foreigner and was acting very nervous.

“From afar we saw the entrance of four guys, most likely, minors. Seeing a vehicle coming in their direction, they took to their heels. In just a few seconds from the entrance came a foreigner. The man behaved too nervous and constantly looked in our direction, so we decided to stop,” said a police officer Igor Tereshchenko.

Копы задержали украинского Снуп Догга: в соцсетях негодуют

After arrest, the men searched him. Cops found it the narcotic substance, which was wrapped in paper. The police brought 46-year-old citizen of one of the countries of Central Africa, to the Sumy police Department for further investigation.

Копы задержали украинского Снуп Догга: в соцсетях негодуют

“We have such a bunch of troublemakers”, “get busy” – ironically commented on this post Ukrainians in Facebook.

Now militiamen opened criminal proceedings concerning this incident. The reason – article 309 criminal code of Ukraine illegal storage of narcotic substances or their analogues. The investigation is continuing.

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