“Come Vai” : Soolking invites on the new album Jul 💿

“Come Vai” : Soolking invites on the new album Jul

“The area in person” is finally available, the weekend begins rather well ! Fans of Jul can now listen to a loop of the 40 songs of the album, including “Oh Crazy” feat with Alonzo, “And I’m going crazy” with Ninho, or “Come Vai” with Soolking. The his duet with the performer “Dalida” is to be found on PRBK.

After a phenomenal success, Jul offered a six-month break… for a better return in force. The rapper from marseille has returned with a large stock of pieces in June 2018 : it has unveiled a part of his album “Inspi”. In particular, there is “let me pass”, “Inspi”, “Knock Knees”, “Toto and Ninetta” and “Someone else will love you” in the feat with Alonzo. Jul then announced a new album surprisingly called “The zone.”

Jul in feat with Soolking on “Come Vai”

“The area in person” is actually a double album consisting of 40 songs, and that’s it ! The interpreter of the “Tchikita” is surrounded by a variety of artists such as Alonzo (for the second time), Maître Gims, Ninho, Landy, Mubarak, Loredana and Soolking, revelation rap this year. Jul was a guest on the title “Como Vai”, on which we find the sounds of raï and hip-hop expensive the performer “Dalida”, and the famous beat of the catchy Julien Husband, whose real name is : their two worlds blend together rather well.

Soolking and the artist, 28-year-old seem to settle their accounts in their feat “Come Vai” : “alone and valiant, on the life one is actually the teeth / Single and brave, I am not the rogue, we it is the men / All the world has left it as the harlot, that is all farted, rolls a pétou / It is good, forget-me Tchikita / You have believed that without you was to die ? / Confidence in person, we made her, the men / It is not free when it listen to our sound in all areas“, rap-they. A tube potential !


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