Combined road machinery: purpose, features and modifications

To expand functions of tractor, use of special attachments. Through these elements it is possible to prepare vehicle for performing tasks in various fields of activity. Most of the machines support the installation of front or rear attachments that allow you to use special equipment in construction, agricultural, harvesting, or watering.

Комбинированные дорожные машины: назначение, особенности и модификации

Features configuration changes

Extra hinged structures is documented, but a change of equipment is carried out without changes in securities. The possibility of such replacement of functional devices allows you to use one vehicle for different purposes.

Combined road machines are used for many years. But engineers regularly have improved functions. Advanced engineering technologies, using popular and proven platforms – the principles of creating reliable and functional equipment, which is characterized by performance, excellent maneuverability, durability and excellent maneuverability.


Equipment for combined road machines, created on the chassis or truck, apply the following types of attachments:

  • brush – used for harvesting in a residential or Park areas;
  • plow – it is necessary for clearing the roadway from snow, debris, etc.;
  • watering – used with the purpose of beautification, parks, cities and individual streets. The special equipment allows to wash the asphalt and eliminate other impurities from the surface of the roadway;
  • escarapela – used for distribution of bulk reagents, liquids and other substances. A wide variety of modifications to prevent ice on the road and improve the road condition.

For the production of combined road machines use different types of implements, the manufacture of which involved domestic and import company. Such elements are characterized by easy installation and easy dismantling.

Комбинированные дорожные машины: назначение, особенности и модификации

A wide range of special equipment of excellent quality

KDM is an essential element in municipal, district or provincial utilities. Functional and reliable equipment thanks to the possibilities of reconfiguration is used to solve a large number of tasks. These types of cars is suitable for year-round operation, they for a long service life retain their excellent characteristics.

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