Collapse of buildings in Marseille : a seventh body discovered

Effondrement d'immeubles à Marseille : un septième corps découvert

A seventh victim was discovered under the rubble.

After the collapse of three buildings, Monday, in the city centre of Marseille, a seventh body was found in the rubble on Thursday 8 November.

Monday morning, two buildings collapsed in the rue d Aubagne, in the city centre of Marseille. A little later, a third building, which was weakened, was also collapsed. Since then, rescue teams are working to find other possible victims. At this time, this Thursday evening, seven bodies were discovered in the rubble.

This information was confirmed by the prosecutor of the Republic of Marseilles. Among the seven people who died, there were five men and two women.

Five men and two women died

On-site, Monday, a woman coming out of the building covered with dust, wearing a badge “unscathed”, said : “I live just next to it, I was watching tv when I heard a big noise, but no explosion, then a cloud of smoke.” Another neighbour, Sofia Benameur, she also heard a noise “which was “badaboum, badaboum” like stones, and all of a sudden there was full of smoke at me I had to go out running”.

Effondrement d'immeubles à Marseille : un septième corps découvert

“I have not heard the sound of an explosion”

“The building collapsed a block in a few seconds. I have not heard the sound of an explosion”, has told Djaffar Nour, who was shopping in the street a few dozen meters of collapsed buildings.

“There was a big bang and it collapsed in a stroke”, has testified Ludovic, student, 26-year-old, who lives in a shared flat in front of the building that collapsed. “There were a lot of passers-by in the street at this time in the district”. “After that, we were told to get out of our home because of the risk of collapse,” added the young man, who had to wake up two of his roommates, including a young girl who has not had time to put on a jacket over his pajamas.

Last week already, a risk of collapse

“Last week, the fire department came and had blocked the street for two hours because of the risk of collapse, but then nothing happened at all,” added Ludovic.


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