Clive Doucet promises a regional train from the capital

Clive Doucet promet un train régional de la capitale

A regional train from the capital could be on track by 2022 if Clive Doucet is elected mayor of Ottawa. The candidate has made the promise at the launch of his election platform on the mobility of transport, on Thursday.

The transit system would use existing high-speed as well as some abandoned. The plan in three phases that are done over a period of four years would of Limoges, in eastern ontario, KinBurn, and Fitzroy in the west and Smiths Falls in the south. The train goes through also on the quebec side, to get to the University of Quebec in Outaouais, the boulevard Lorrain and Chelsea.

A realistic plan believes Mr. Doucet, even if several levels of government will be involved. “We will negotiate and we will respect the decisions of Gatineau,” he says. I am convinced that if we pass a train in front of the Place du Portage in two years, it will become an interesting project for Gatineau. When the train passes Portage, it’s going to change the world. “

Revitalization of the bridge, Prince-of-Wales

Phase 1 of the project provides for the revitalization of the bridge at Prince of Wales. A step “primary” in order to achieve the project on time. At this time next year, pedestrians and cyclists will be able to travel on the link to interprovincial, ” says Mr. Doucet.

“The biggest problem for our regional train from the capital, it is the bridge. As long as it is not released nothing can be done, supports the candidate. According to me, it is the responsibility of the city to repair it. “

However, the project of construction of a tower of 65 floors to Bayview would prevent the train to connect between the bridge and the rail system already exists, said Mr. Doucet. “This project can’t go forward,” he says.

Phase 2 would restore the rails on the railway bridge. A year-estimated at $ 40 million. “When we bought that bridge 15 years ago, it cost$ 4 Million to repair it, now it is 40. This is peanuts when you think that it is a link that crosses a river. What worries me is knowing that if we wait too long, it will be irreparable “, shows the candidate at the town hall.

Finally, phase three is to take the train to the four corners of the region by 2022.

Light rail

Regarding the future of the light rail, whose phase 1 is to be commissioned in the month of November, Mr. Doucet remains cautious. Phases 2 and 3 could be modified, he states.

“We’ll see. Maybe we will go forward in a different way. A lot of people ask me different routes, ” said Clive Doucet. He prefers to wait two to three months after the commissioning of the train before taking a decision.

The outgoing mayor, Jim Watson has criticized the plan of his opponent on the social networks.

“I just saw one of my opponents at the town hall to present the transit plan the more inconsistent that the City of Ottawa has ever seen. It does not contain any detail on costs, no research or credibility, and he offers to stop the Step 2 of the light rail !! “, he wrote on Twitter.



The candidate for mayor of Ottawa Clive Doucet, defends itself not to provide all its materials in the language of Molière and promises to rectify the situation.

In the election campaign since a little more than four weeks, the aspiring mayor states that the two members in the communications are in French.

“We are less powerful than we wanted, but it is always like that. We have launched our campaign four weeks ago. It is much to be done in four weeks “, he answered when questioned by The Right to know why the press releases, invitations to media and tweets were only written in English.

His team has also written his first tweet in French at the end of the press conference Thursday, announcing the election platform on the transport mobility.

Note that its English-language website was launched before the English version is not available.



The transit fares must be revised downward, according to the candidate for mayor of Ottawa Clive Doucet.

If he is elected, in municipal elections, it promises to reduce the costs for students, the elderly and people in need.


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