Clip “On Fire” : Loïc Nottet in full face-to-face with a dragon 🐉

Clip “On Fire” : Loïc Nottet in full face-to-face with a dragon

Loïc Nottet is continuing her comeback on the front of the stage ! After the audio version of “On Fire”, first single of his second album, the belgian singer today unveils the video for her song, in which he confronts a dragon that represents in reality his haters. A clip hyper artistic and quite different from the previous ones.

After his “Selfocracy Tour”, Loïc Nottet was offered a well-deserved break to “recharge your batteries” and’s“out of the media world”, but also to take the time to work on his second album which will be represented by 4 characters : the child, the clown, the charmer and the melancholic. A project rather original and intriguing. The winner of Dancing with the stars 6, therefore, has not done things by half for his return, he went so far as to change your look : “I assume to belong to this great family of artists all also weird that can be. I feel better, “he confided in an interview with PRBK.

Loïc Nottet confronting his haters in the video for “On Fire”

Loïc Nottet has opted for a style more bright and lighter in order to show his new state of mind. It is now ready to stand up to his haters and this new resolution begins with “On Fire”, the first single of his second album to sound more urban : “If you are just there for me to spit on it or bully me, I do not need your air (…) I address the hateful and frustrated. People are frustrated“, explained the belgian singer. A “battle” depicted in the clip of the single, released this Friday, December 7, 2018.

In the video hyper-artistic and creative, Loïc Nottet and his troupe of dancers landed in a fantasy world and strange enough, in which they find themselves hunted by a dragon. They then attempted to challenge them with the contemporary dance (which became the trademark of the artist) and, after a combat athlete, the interpreter of “Rhythm Inside” comes to dominate the animal. The dragon is actually here to represent the haters and all those who have criticized Loïc Nottet because of his piping voice.

“I think the render is special”

The music video for “On Fire” delivers a message powerful enough, but it is mostly pretty different from that of the “Mud Blood” and “Million Eyes” as it moves away from reality and more fictional. A voluntary choice on the part of Loïc Nottet : “I wanted something a little brighter and more colorful with a part of the dream. Because I wanted to have that sense of imagination and it was something realistic (…) I wanted a clip very artistic, where everything was hand made with a particular decor. I think the report is ultimately particular“, he confessed to PRBK.


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