Clip of “Good Form” : Nicki Minaj literally twerks with Lil Wayne

Clip of “Good Form” : Nicki Minaj literally twerks with Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj would have it difficult to return to the top on his enemy Cardi B ? If the interpreter of “Bodak Yellow” cased, rapper, it, won much success, and despite his image, hyper provocative, which should mark the spirits. She continues in this vein by wrapping the twerks in the clip of “Good Form”, the remix with Lil Wayne.

Nicki Minaj will be left behind by her war with Cardi B ? While its enemy does not cease to be at the top of the charts, the rapper, 36 years old, she is struggling to regain its success of yesteryear… however, this is not for lack of trying. Nicki Minaj has still hit pretty hard with the release of her album “Queen”, consisting of the tracks “Chun-Li”, “Thought I Knew You” in the feat with The Weeknd, “Chun-Li, “Barbie Dreams” and “Bed” with Ariana Grande. The beautiful world together on the same album.

Nicki Minaj provocatively in the clip of “Good Form”

Onika Tanya Maraj, his real name, went even further in his collabs by inviting his sidekick Lil Wayne on the remix of “Good Form” who has the right to a clip, thought-provoking, and sulphur to 6 million views on YouTube. Nicki Minaj reveals himself in light clothing, to the sides of the dancers Evelyn Lozada, Lauren London or even Shaniece Hairston identified by the star herself on Instagram after a competition, and went on to twerks more sexy as each other.

Nicki Minaj is loose then solo in a basin of milk with a cookie giant pink before getting back to Lil Wayne, who is pretty well surrounded. In short, the clip of “Good Form” is quite provocative and daring, but it does not remain about it less effective.


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