Clip “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” : Miley Cyrus mark its grand return with Mark Ronson 🎶

Clip “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” : Miley Cyrus mark its grand return with Mark Ronson

After a break of a year, Miley Cyrus today his comeback to the delight of his fans. For its come-back in the highly anticipated, the american singer has teamed with producer Mark Ronson on the song pop to the sounds of country “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” : the two artists meet in full the loose in the clip.

Miley Cyrus has a lot of buzz about it for its challenging behavior before it disappeared of the radar in 2017 to devote to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth and to keep a low-profile due to its numerous blunders. But a year after the release of his album “Younger Now”, the interpreter of “We Can’t Stop” came up by surprise on the front of the stage with a piece pop tunes, folk and country music, signed to Mark Ronson. If “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” will appear on the new album from british DJ, it is very close to the style favorite of Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus on the loose in the clip “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”

“Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” above all, the sister of Noah Cyrus to finally put things clear with the haters who have strongly criticized when his attitude is badass and hosea : “This world can hurt you / It cuts you deep and leaves a scar / Things fall apart, purpose nothing breaks like a heart.” His next challenger is catching up elsewhere in the clip for “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” since Miley Cyrus is chased by the police and engages in a chase on the highway with it before returning to the producer Mark Ronson, also on the run.

In addition to this setting, the video contains a few winks to the career of the singer, as the door-keys “Wrecking Ball”, but also the highlights of the news in america : the recent shootings, priests in a strip club, the danger of social networks, or even the racism represented here by american football players kneeling (in an echo of the controversy, Colin Kaepernick). A result that is poignant, which counts already 1 million views on YouTube.


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