Clip “Ma Che Beauty” : Jul mesmerized by the “dream body” of a young lady 💘

Clip “Ma Che Beauty” : Jul would do anything for her “beauty”

Two days of the release of his double album “The area in person”, Jul spoils once again his fans with the video for her song “Ma Che Beauty” in which he tells the story of a couple that is being destroyed. The rapper from marseille, which also highlights the technical bothersome of men to chase after a woman they find to their liking.

While some people are in full search of gifts for Christmas (the same boat each year ?), others have already found what they are going to offer or what they want to receive on the 24th of December. What is it ? The new album of Jul which is actually a double album consisting of 40 songs. There are things to do therefore ! The rapper from Marseille has also relied on feats rather cool, as with Soolking, Alonzo, Ninho and Master Gims : they will be to listen to in full on the 7 December.

“My beauty, how beautiful she is, I would do everything for her”

Waiting for the release of “in person”, Jul unveils some excerpts from his opus to the delight of his fans : after the “Stroller” and “in person”, he reveals… “Ma Che Beauty”, a song in which he tells the story of a couple that passes through a real roller coaster in spite of their feelings of love ever present. “We quarrel, we made crises / Believes that I the wrong, I’m taken / Despite the downs, I never will leave you / And even when you me wounded / And when you stress, I get stressed out / But you’re my beauty“, alluding to Julien Husband, his real name, on his beat heady.

Side clip, the interpreter of “Toto and Ninetta” sheds light on a very beautiful woman who is picked up by men not very gentleman everywhere she goes. But these are not aware that they have no chance because this “beauty” has a family life and is thriving with her companion and her little boy. Unfortunate for them 😝


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