Clem season 9 : Lucie Lucas relieved and happy by the (very) many changes

Clem saison 9 : Lucie Lucas heureuse et soulagée par les (très) nombreux changements

Clem season 9 : the many changes ? Lucie Lucas is relieved and happy

When the season 9 of Clem lands on TF1, the fans will have a shock. Not only the story won’t be a direct sequel to the season 8, but many classic characters will also be absent. A disappointment ? Not for Lucy Lucas, relieved by these developments.

Lucie Lucas-happy evolutions

It is little to say that season 9 of Clem will look like no other. Between many of the actors in cults who will not be present on the screen, of the characters that will change the face and the promise of a time jump of six years from the beginning of the first episode, it’s almost a new series that will be broadcast on TF1 in 2019.

A situation that is not always nice to the fans, worried not to find the Clem of the beginning, but now the happiness of Lucie Lucas, the interpreter of the main heroine. Questioned about these changes by Radio VL, the actress has not hidden his enthusiasm and relief : “I was beginning to find this energy, this desire. I had the impression of not being able to renew. And when they found this idea to relaunch the series, I took it as a challenge and I wanted to meet“.

Of the changes that will be very useful

Translation ? Without these changes scriptwriting and creative, Clem may not have ever had to season 9. Lucie Lucas admits it without a problem, she sees this new year as “a renaissance” which prevented her from slamming the door : “This is an aspect of the character that I wanted to break for years, but we couldn’t because the other characters always came ” to save Clem “. Now, there is more than savior, it must come of itself. And it has also contributed to changing my way of playing, to put my voice.

And in order to reassure the fans about the benefits of these developments, the actress has confessed that they will discover a new facet of heroin : “It allows me to play something I hadn’t played before : Clem is no longer a victim of anything, there is no one to save her and she can not find themselves in the situation of dwelling on his fate. (…) It is a season that is going to be very poignant, while retaining the spirit of the series that goes from laughter to tears.” Relieved ?


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