Clem season 9 : Leah Lopez left the series, check out the face of his successor

Clem saison 9 : Léa Lopez quitte la série, découvrez le visage de sa remplaçante

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Clem season 9 : Leah Lopez left the series, check out the face of his successor

The character of Salome in Clem turning again to face ! After Jade Pradin, this is Leah Lopez who had taken the relay, but the young actress has made the decision to leave the series to launch new projects. The coup, which was chosen to replace it ? The lucky lady is… Josephine Berry, daughter of Richard Berry, seen in the film “Moi César, 10 1/2, 1m39”.

Following the departure of Victoria Abril, Philippe Lellouche, Kevin Elarbi, Sam Ourabah and Leah Lopez, there aren’t many people left in the series , Clem. Fortunately, Lucy Lucas is still there, but it has almost also leave if the show does get renewed not : “I was beginning to find this energy, this desire. I had the impression of not being able to renew it“, she confided to Radio NAV before explaining that the idea of the jump in time and the coma have remotivée. A good thing of the coup. The change will be waiting for you in the season 9 of Clem.

Leah Lopez replaced by… Josephine Berry

In addition to the time jump of five years, other changes is to be expected : the arrival of new actors to play versions older of Valentine’s day and Emma and a new actress to play the role of Salome, following the departure of Leah Lopez. Then, after Jade Pradin, and the actress of 19 years, who will slip into the skin of the little sister of Clem ? The answer is… Josephine Berry, known to be the daughter of Richard Berry and his appearance in the movie Moi César, 10 1/2, 1m39.

She announced the big news in the month of November, posting a photo of a scenario of the series with the hashtag #Salome, but his post is gone unnoticed. “A new adventure begins soon ! Let the preparation begin ! With @lucie_lucas_comedienne @agustingaliana #clemsaison9 ##tf1 #clem #salome“, has written the first cousin of Marilou Berry, aged 26 years, in legend, before receiving several messages of congratulations on the part of its subscribers.


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