“Children’s cemetery” instead of “Children’s world”: in Russia, the customers fled in horror

"Детское кладбище" вместо "Детского мира": в России покупатели разбежались в ужасе

In Krasnoyarske (Russia) has opened a children’s store, a photo that became viral in social networks. All because of a very peculiar design pavilion.

The owners decided to place mannequins in an original way, without thinking how strange it may look from the outside. Photos published Krasnoyarsk TV channel TVK-6.

Comments appreciated the efforts of the “gods of advertising”. Some noted that if it was a planned action, it is clearly managed and advertised on the network.

"Детское кладбище" вместо "Детского мира": в России покупатели разбежались в ужасе

Earlier it was reported that users of social networks drew attention to a suspicious website cpidzhak.ru who allegedly rented out designer clothing for children but the ads for some reason, most described model.

This is reported by Russian media. It is noted that suspicious website noticed one of the users and reported about it to journalists.

“I learned about site by chance, with Facebook. The post wrote that the site discovered was a picture with a screenshot of baby clothes. I decided that people are too paranoid and sees pedophiles everywhere. Then he went and was surprised,” – said Sergey.

"Детское кладбище" вместо "Детского мира": в России покупатели разбежались в ужасе

According to the user, he wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and attach the screenshots.

“I ask you to check the activity of the site cpidzhak.ru on the subject of illegal profit through child prostitution. The website advertises itself as a children’s clothing store, handed in the rent. While the clothes on the site I could not find only photographs of children with prices and information about the fact that if the delivery address of the customer is impossible, it can be ordered for “delivery” comfortable room” – wrote Sergey A. in his statement to prosecutors.

Now, if you go to the website cpidzhak.ru the photography of Andrei Chikatilo that says “I ate”.

Recall, recognition turned to men wanted by the police, the whole city was watching emergency.

Earlier Znayu reported in the U.S. religious parents tried to cure the heart defect in your child’s prayers.

Also Znayu wrote, became known in Russia fighting the “extremist” music.


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