Children in the “DNR” 1 year of age are considered as adults: the harsh reality “Putin’s Paradise”

Дети в "ДНР" с 1 года считаются взрослыми: суровая реальность "путинского рая"

In the so-called “DNR” occupants continue to go crazy and install the relevant laws and regulations. Thus, checkpoints of the militants, people with children under one year be in a privileged place to be missed, and if the baby is over 1 year old – his parents are forced to stand in the General queue.

Information the publication of Depo. The Donbass, referring to words of local residents and eyewitnesses in social networks. Donbass receives news of a multi-day queues at the checkpoint near the occupied Horlivka. People have commented that “thanks” to terrible weather conditions and the same draconian rules, the rate of progress – 10 cars in 2 hours. It remains only to shudder in horror.

“Yesterday went to Gorlovka to Artemovsk with a child 1 year and 10 months. None of the DNI-the border is not missed at benefit, everywhere said that he’s a year old” reads one of the messages.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, occupied by Russian troops in Donetsk, people can no longer survive and the townspeople. It dramatically and nearly doubled up the prices of Essentials, now people are living in fear of war and poverty, simply cannot afford even a full eat – bread, eggs, potatoes – all prices plunged this unfortunate Donetsk in horror. Read more in the article at the link.

The unrest in the occupied territories “LDNR” could not affect the economies in the regions controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. For anybody not a secret that people there live below the poverty line, because to find a normal job where there is a war, and uneven hour, the shell will knock out the glass is just unreal. Civilians Donetsk, unrelated to years of “mess” and coups, in a hurry to leave the “cursed location”, because to survive there is no longer real. In addition to insecurity and the separatists in power in Donetsk sharply increased the price of bread and basic necessities, the newspaper writes

Recall, is there life after “DNR”? As live famous fugitives Gubarev, Cossacks and Tashkent. Failed the idea to become “head” of the occupied Donbass, the militants surrendered their guts! Under whose wing hidden enemies of the Ukrainian state. What happened to such well-known figures of the “DNR” as Tashkent and Cossacks? After the elimination of the leader of the terrorist group Alexander Zakharchenko, about them no hearing, nor spirit. However, another member of the gang, “the people’s Governor” Donbass Paul Gubarev, gave an interview to one of the separatist publications, where he passed the guts of his accomplices.

Just as with the sinking ship rats, the most “outstanding” terrorists of the so-called “Donetsk people’s Republic” expected hid under the wing of his “great patron”.


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