Channing Tatum and Jessie J : their relationship threatened by Ruby Rose ?

Channing Tatum et Jessie J : leur couple menacé par Ruby Rose ?

Channing Tatum soon be single ? Jessie J could leave it for… Ruby Rose

Then that Jenna Dewan has found love in the arms of Steve Kazee, Channing Tatum, him, is in a relationship with Jessie J since the month of October approximately. Yet, the past is already talk of a possible rupture. The reason for this ? The interpreter of “Price Tag” would consider leaving the actor for… Ruby Rose.

After twelve years of relationship and nine years of marriage, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum have made the decision to divorce as they were announced last April. Since then, the two actors have turned the page of their history, and have each found the love : the actress, Witches of East End is in a relationship with Steve Kazee and the hunk of Magic Mike, common, Jessie J for a little less than two months. But there are whispers that their relationship would already have the wing.

Jessie J’s cast Channing Tatum for Ruby Rose ?

After Cardi B, and Offset, a new rupture is it to predict, on the planet people ? Since a few days, a rumour spread according to which Jessie J is thinking of dropping Channing Tatum to get in a relationship with… Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black) : “this is not a secret, Ruby and Jessie are very close. Channing could be shocked because Jessie and Ruby have so much in common : their appearance, their mannerisms, their hairstyles…. Jessie has been very open about the fact of loving women. How Channing can he compete with that ?“, says a source to Gossip Cop.

“They are facing their biggest challenge”

This same source then added : “Everything went very quickly between them. Now, they face their biggest challenge because a lot of things are revealed about the past relationship of Jessie with women.” Bisexuality, Jessie J is no longer a secret to anyone as the interpreter of “Flashlight” has made its coming-out on Twitter in 2011 : “I’ve never hidden my sexuality. The media just love to take any subject and turn it into tidbits or info ‘exclusive’. I love who I love. I will never label my sexuality.


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