Case of Servian : Françoise Malgouyres “is not registered neither in hatred nor revenge”

Affaire de Servian :  Françoise Malgouyres "ne s’inscrit ni dans la haine ni dans la vengeance"

Master Frank Berton is well-known to the general public in 2004 when the Outreau case.

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Various facts, Servian, Béziers

Me Frank Berton defends Françoise Malgouyres in the case of Servian.

Master Frank Berton is well-known to the general public in 2004 when the Outreau case, in which it allows the discharge of Odile Marécaux, and then the work of Frank Lavier. He took up the defence of the interests of Françoise Malgouyres since a few weeks.

The case : on October 5, 2017, a burglary takes place in the Garden of Saint-Adrien, Servian (Herault), in which a burglar is killed by the husband of Françoise Malgouyres. The lawyer says he has discovered a lot of strange things in the record.

In what state of mind is your client today ?

The attitude of Ms. Malgouyres not registered neither in hatred nor revenge. It arises more and more questions as the folder to be built. There are a lot of strange things that appear. It is collapsed, as well as his son, to see that her husband shouted his innocence from prison. She will be relieved when he has proven that he is not concerned by any of it.

Questions of what order ?

For example, the dog of the house disappears during the attack and were not to reappear until after. But also that the thief who is in the room is not armed. You will not learn all of this during the re-enactment. Ms. Malgouyres wonders why, when it is the victim, we are not told everything.

This may be details that we forget with fear and emotion at the time of the facts ?

I do not think that we can forget that one was shot at two times. A time to kill and a second direction of the second burglar. I say all this without undermining the presumption of innocence, but it appears during the re-enactment because a second sleeve has been recovered. This means that it was reinforced with three times his rifle.

Why didn’t he give all these details during the initial auditions, while he was a witness attended ? It is because of this that this woman goes from disappointment to disappointment. Because he has never said that the second burglar had threatened. Ms. Malgouyres was no longer conscious of what was happening then, and it surprises her a lot.

For you, what is the background of this story that doesn’t bounce ?

The vision I have of this record is that we are facing a history of money in a couple that go wrong. Also, again, it is in the favour of the examination of the case, she learns that 450 000 € have been hidden, that there’s this bottom of wool that he is willing to take for him.

With sharing, everything can be arrange ?

No. Today, she is to ask the question he did not want to inherit the share of his wife. Which supports the mobile financial.

Here, we set out again on the idea that he would have wanted to eliminate ?

This is the question that torments. With the benefit of hindsight, she recalls that it took a lot of blows to the head while she was just in a serious accident. She expected to really ensure that the truth at the great day.

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