Case Karachi : an investigation of Sarkozy re-launched

Affaire Karachi : une enquête visant Sarkozy relancée

Non-place cancelled for Nicolas Sarkozy.

Justice has re-launched an investigation on suspicion of “violation of the secrecy of the statement” by the Elysée in 2011, under Nicolas Sarkozy, because of a statement in the margin of the case Karachi.

The court of appeal of Paris, against the advice of the attorney general’s office, has canceled the November 6, the non-place which had been granted to Nicolas Sarkozy in August 2016, and ordered the resumption of the judicial investigation for “violations of the secrecy of the instruction and of the professional secrecy obligation”, and for complicity and concealment of these crimes.

Of the civil parties had appealed. On September 20, 2011, the Elysee had said in a press release that “the name of the head of State does not appear in any of the items in the folder” financial”, opened in parallel to the investigation into the bombing of Karachi, which had killed 15 people, including 11 French workers of the DCN (Direction des constructions navales), may 8, 2002.

This text had been circulated shortly after the indictments of two close to the head of State, Thierry Gaubert and Nicolas Bazire, in this component on the possible secret funding of the campaign of Edouard Balladur in 1995, of which Nicolas Sarkozy was the government the minister of Budget and spokesman.

“It is a beautiful victory”

Many voices had denounced the intrusion of the executive in a judicial proceeding. The lawyer of the families of victims of the attack, Mr. Olivier Morice, had filed a complaint with constitution of civil party ‘ in June 2012 against the former president. “It is a beautiful victory,” rejoiced Me Olivier Morice, who had challenged the non-place.

“The pre-trial chamber considers that the investigation has not gone up at the end to shed light on the circumstances of the drafting of the communiqué, which is, in our opinion, a violation of the secrecy of the investigation and the instruction,” commented the lawyer. In addition to Nicolas Sarkozy, the judges had also ordered a non-place for his former Interior minister, current mep Brice Hortefeux and the one who was at the Elysée and its consultant in charge of communications, Franck Louvrier.

Thierry Gaubert, who was in the cabinet of Mr Sarkozy, only prosecuted before the correctional court, has seen its return confirmed for ‘bribery of a witness”, his ex-wife, who had been involved in the financial file. In 2017, Nicolas Sarkozy has been heard as a witness in this component, which is worth to Edouard Balladur to be indicted for “complicity and concealment of abuse of social goods”. The case has still not been determined.

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