Case Bissonnet in the Hérault : the viscount Amaury d’harcourt died


Affaire Bissonnet dans l'Hérault : le vicomte Amaury d’Harcourt est décédé

Amaury d’harcourt, had 93 years.

INFO MIDI FREE. This amazing character had been the accomplice of the murder of the pharmacist and Bernadette Bissonnet, 2008, in Castelnau-le-Lez, in the Hérault department.

He joined the very long line of his ancestors, with the discretion, cozy atmosphere that is suitable for large families. The viscount Amaury d’harcourt, one of the key persons in the chaotic case Bissonnet, is death the end of October, at 93 years, in the paris region. His funeral took place in the strictest privacy, away from the spotlight that had shone on him between 2008 and 2012.

Involved in the murder of Bernadette Bissonnet in 2008

It must be said that this descendant of the old French nobility had found nothing better, in his old days, than to be involved in one of the largest criminal cases of the era : the assassination of Bernadette Bissonnet, a rich retired killed on march 11, 2008 in his luxurious villa in Castelnau-le-Lez, near Montpellier. An organized crime by her husband, Jean-Michel, executed with gunfire by the gardener Meziane Belkacem, and supervised by the friend of always, Amaury d’harcourt.

Nurse, English hunting horn, and Resistance

In September 2010, the criminal court of the Herault to discover, dumbfounded, the incredible journey of the life of this aristocrat, who appears free, at 85 years of age, in a suit of velvet, sitting on a Louis XIII armchair, next to the box of the accused. A childhood in the family castle of Saint-Eusoge, in the Yonne, with nurse, English tutor and masses in the private chapel. As a teenager, he plays the hunting horn in front of the German officers during the Occupation, and tells all that he hears to the Resistance. In the Release, he enlisted in the 11th regiment of paratrooper of shock, verging on death, in Africa. There will be gold digger, representative pastis… Spends months locked up in the bush by soldiers in the Congo
– “the ambassador came to me out of here” -, falls ill, is rescued by “a sorcerer hits me with plants for a month in his box”.

Sentenced to eight years in prison in the first instance

It launches out in the production of discs, thereby recording the traditional songs with a truck, in the bush. He loses everything with the independence of Algeria, is to be found supplier of wild game for hunting presidential, to Chambord. Based the park the Wolves of Sainte-Lucie, in Lozere. Crosses the young Jean-Michel Bissonnet, with whom he would maintain friendships subsidiary for forty years. Up to accept to recover the weapon of the crime, on the evening of march 11, 2008, and throw it in the Lez. Area VIP Health Seductive, three times divorced, he admits it : “there are certainly a score of women, who have counted a lot to me.” Between the two hearings, and his eyes glittered in the memory of the Amazons, Gaddafi bodyguards of dictator that he was saying that he crossed into his tent, after a day lost in the libyan desert.

He obtained his release in 2012 for medical reasons

Sentenced to eight years, in the first instance and then on appeal, he is serving his sentence in area VIP of the prison of Health, Paris. Its neighbours ? The commissioner Neyret, jailed for corruption, the general panamanian Noriega, the terrorist Carlos, with whom he takes tea in the late afternoon, in his cell. “It’s still someone who has kept their secrets,” says his lawyer, mr. Louis Balling. “Someone extremely educated, courteous and attentive, and that was in situations that are inexplicable. It is unsettling. It was not of our century, and the reality escaped him a little. It’s actually someone quite whimsical, with the charm of the lightness, and sometimes shocking by its detachment, in particular for this case.”

The husband, Jean-Michel Bissonnet, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison and on parole since 2017

After fifteen months of detention, Amaury d’harcourt gets, in 2012, a release on medical grounds, suffering, nobility obliges, of the drop. He returned to live near the castle of Saint-Eusoge, where he cooks the civet for its visitors. He resided, in recent years, in a retirement home. Jean-Michel Bissonnet, who was sentenced to twenty years of age, has obtained a conditional release in march 2017, after having spent nine years behind bars, without ever having confessed to being the sponsor of the crime. Meziane Belkacem, the gardener assassin, also sentenced to twenty years, is he still in jail : he must apply for the November 26th release on parole.


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