Camping du lac Philippe: improvement of$ 4.9 Million recommended

Camping du lac Philippe: des améliorations de 4,9 M$ recommandées

A study on the future of the camping du lac Philippe in the Gatineau park recommends the injection of $ 4.9 million to improve the services and infrastructure of the places.

The feasibility study was presented Thursday at the public meeting of the board of directors of the national capital Commission (NCC). The recommended improvements include the construction and installation of a new central building, shelter, kitchen, and other ready-to-camp and additional services, such as routing water and electricity to 75 of the approximately 250 sites for tents, trailers and recreational vehicles.

“Without investment/modernisation, it is likely that the lake campground Philippe continues to report occupancy rate under the market average and do not cover its costs,” said the report, which provides that a facelift to the infrastructure would allow an increase in the overall occupancy to approximately 60 % compared to 54 % today, which translates to an increase of more than 30 % of net revenues.

The board of directors of the NCC has asked the leaders of the report to come back this fall to present a vision of a more specific work that should be done, the experience that the customer will withdraw, as well as a business plan.

The future of camping is the subject of debate for several years within the NCC without any decision on its modernization is made.

Investments of $ 5.8 million had already been recommended, but the proposal was not unanimous among the commissioners.


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