Brexit : the proposals for London are “not acceptable” for Macron

Brexit : les propositions de Londres ne sont "pas acceptables" pour Macron

Brexit : Emmanuel Macron is increasing the pressure on London in the final sprint.

Emmanuel Macron has estimated this Thursday, in Salzburg (Austria), that the proposals the british on the Brexit were “not acceptable in the state” on the economic plan because they “are not respectful of the integrity of the single market”.

Asked about the case of a second referendum in the United Kingdom, was firmly rejected by the First minister Theresa May, the French president considered that”it is not for me to pronounce myself on the sovereign choice of the british people”.

“We are at a moment of truth”

“Things are progressing but they are not as simple as we have said, “those who have promised the moon and wonder” at the time of the referendum, ” said Mr. Macron, dealing with “liars”. “We are today at a moment of truth” on the Brexit and “it is necessary to use the coming weeks to move forward,” argued the head of State in front of the press, indicating to wait for “new proposals to the british in October”.

“In the state, the plan Checkers will not be a plan, take it or leave it,” he said, referring to the plan on the future relations between London and Brussels is presented at the beginning of the summer by the First minister Theresa May. “We must defend the single market and its coherence and consistency,” according to him. Emmanuel Macron, speaking after an informal european summit dominated by the Brexit and the issue of migration in Salzburg. On the Brexit, he stressed the need to be”clear and simple” in the debate “because there is a lot of nervousness” in the approach of the next elections.

London and Brussels hope to hear at the next summit

London and Brussels are hoping to agree at an upcoming summit in October in Brussels on the agreement sealing their divorce, as well as a statement setting out the framework for their future relationship, particularly at the economic level.
Mr. Macron said he was “particularly attached to the method” based on “an organization of 27 with an exclusive bargaining, the French Michel Barnier, in which he praised “the high quality of the work”.

A trader unique ?

On the issue of migration, he welcomed the fact that the discussion was in Salzburg”, a lot more peaceful and open” during the June summit, when the Europeans had shown themselves very divided. He said to discuss “all subjects” with the Hungarian Prime minister, Viktor Orban, in order “to overcome the conflicts and barriers,” and “find a compromise”.
“Things are moving” but they “could move faster” on the strengthening of borders of the EU or of the issue of the return of migrants not eligible for asylum, he pointed out.


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