Brain fog: found the side effects of chemotherapy

Мозговой туман: найдено средство от побочных эффектов химиотерапии

Scientists step closer to treating side effects from chemotherapy.

In particular, a group of scientists from Stanford University believe they’ve found a way to suppress the “brain fog”, which occurs as a result of cancer treatment, reports the Daily Mail.

Мозговой туман: найдено средство от побочных эффектов химиотерапии

More than half of patients undergoing chemotherapy report that after months and even years after intensive treatment experience cognitive fog. Previously, doctors could not explain the nature of this phenomenon.

However, researchers from Stanford University proved for the first time the effect of chemotherapy on three different types of brain cells.

Doctors believe that chemotherapy is slowing the growth of certain cells in the brain and blocks the activity of others that provide the neurons with nutrients, because the therapy causes an overly active immune response.

Scientists have found that a drug that inhibits the action of these immune cells, helps to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

In the study, experts focused their attention on the neural cells in the brain: oligodendrocytes, astrocytes and microglia.

Oligodendrocytes produce the myelin coating that protects the neurons. If the shell is damaged or missing, the work of the neurons is disturbed. Astrocytes provide smooth operation of the brain. Microglia is personal immune system of the brain.

Мозговой туман: найдено средство от побочных эффектов химиотерапии

The doctors tested their theory on mice. Rodents were divided into two groups: one performed chemotherapy, others may not.

As the audit showed, the oligodendrocytes in the animals of first group were immature, so could not produce enough myelin to protect neurons.

In the result, the mouse was moving slower. They were more difficult to recall elements of the environment that should have been familiar to them.

Even when they injected healthy oligodendrocytes, the cells still remained in a state of slow development. This led scientists to the idea that the brain toxicity of the environment interfere with this process.

On the other hand, chemotherapy seems to have been restarted by the immune cells of the brain. Microglia “permanently activated” for six months after chemotherapy.

Overactivity in microglia prevented the astrocyte, neurons are constantly “fighting” for energy that could lead to “brain fog”.

In the study, researchers found that can use a drug that attacks microglia, to restore the balance.

Мозговой туман: найдено средство от побочных эффектов химиотерапии

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