Bordeaux: a fake doctor arrested at hospital after several weeks

Bordeaux: un faux médecin interpellé à l'hôpital après plusieurs semaines

He was looking for recognition in playing the doctor. A man was arrested on Tuesday 9 at the university hospital center of Bordeaux while he was having a doctor. A behavior that would have made the illusion for several weeks before the individual would betray him.

The individual, without employment, had stolen a coat, a stethoscope and even an order to the head of the CHU to make illusion. According to the first elements of the investigation reported by South West, he had no ambition to practice medical acts. The patients in the CHU should not have been put in danger by his behavior.

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Looking visibly to give importance and to deceive the boredom, the 46-year-old would have especially sought to “embed themselves” in the conversations of healthcare professionals on their breaks. It was during one of these conversations that he has been unmasked. The security of the CHU put hands on him and prevented him from fleeing until the police arrived. The man was arrested.

It is not known to the justice. A complaint for usurpation of the quality of physician was filed by the hospital. The fake doctor will have to answer for his acts before the justice system. He could face up to a year in prison and 15,000 euros fine.

However, the public health code provides that a usurpation of title in respect of persons “engaged in the practice of medicine” without a diploma. The tribunal will therefore need to define if this strange number between in this case of figure, particularly if it is confirmed that the man has not approached patients.

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