Book digital health : this is party in Occitania,

Carnet de santé numérique : c'est parti en Occitanie

More than 200 health professionals attended the launch of the DMP in the Hérault, on Thursday evening.

More than 200 health professionals attended on Thursday 8 November at the launch of the medical record to be shared in the Hérault. All the departments of the region of Occitania are now concerned, in a week dedicated to the national launch of the book digital health, experienced way driver for 18 months at the caisse de Toulouse.

It is a digital document that will retrace the life medical : prescriptions, record of interventions, acts of physical therapy…

Created at the request of the patient and in agreement with him, accessible by health professionals, that it authorizes to do so, the medical record is shared (DMP) principal objective is the sharing of data for health professionals who work around an individual.

Officially launched at the national level by Agnès Buzyn, minister of Health, Tuesday, 6 November, it has also been the subject of a presentation to more than 200 health professionals in the department of Hérault, this Thursday, November 8,

Main target : patients with chronic pathologies, recalled Claude Humbert, director of the CPAM of the Hérault river, where 10,000 records have already been opened.

In the Herault, 1 000 per day

To the director of the CPAM, the numbers are going to explode : “We create 1 000 DMP per week, half of our policyholders will have their PHI in 2022”. The caisse de Toulouse, who has tested the device on an experimental basis, had opened 700 000 DMP at 30 June 2018.

In France, the minister of Health has set a target of 40 million of PHI to the same maturity. One can create his / her DMP with the help of a health professional or only, by logging on to the internet.


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