Booba will release a book with his best punch lines… at an exorbitant price !

Booba will release a book with his best punch lines… at an exorbitant price !

“If I’m smoking it’s for your own good, it is for you to do it again”. This is one of the many punchlines de Booba that one will find in his book “The bitumen with a feather”, published by Tallac. A collection of punchlines available in only 200 copies and the price of which makes you hallucinate a lot of people…

In mid-November, Booba announced the end of Ünkut, its brand, streetwear, launched in 2004, clashant the transition of its former employees. But the Duke of Boulogne is no shortage of projects because he is working already on a new clothing brand called DCNTD (for Disconnected), in which he unveiled the logo. Other good news for the fans : B2O is preparing also to launch his first book in more than 20 years of career !

Only 200 copies…

Entitled “The bitumen with a feather”, in reference to his song titled this on the album Time of Death, and published editions Tallac, it will compile the best punch lines of the rapper and some of his texts. Only 200 copies were printed, and of the 200, only 92 have been signed by the interpreter of Madrina. To get it, it will be necessary to make the December 9, 2018 at the concept-store, “We”, located at 48 rue Cambon, 3rd arrondissement, Paris, from 11am.

… at 300 euros each !

But attention : the price risk to become disillusioned some fans, since it costs 300 euros ! Upon learning this, some internet users have not failed to assert their astonishment, misunderstanding, or even anger. “300th a book booba, I love you, my the you’re solo on a hit”, can we read on Twitter, or “300 balls to play punchlines de Booba : this is the sketch of the year”, “Wesh Booba, it is lack of money or what?” “what is this price ? You see that people put some yellow vests there ? Forceur ! Pays for your book ! I do 4 full with it”. Despite this high price, the fans are likely to rush the 9th December !


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