Booba attacks (yet) to Damso after her concert in Paris : “it looks good flingué”

Booba s'attaque (encore) à Damso après son concert à Paris : "ça a l'air bien flingué"

Booba attacks (yet) to Damso after her concert in Paris : “it looks good flingué”

Booba seems to always want to Damso to have left his label 92i. While the interpreter of the “Mosaic Lonely” has inflamed the AccorHotels Arena in Paris on 4 December 2018, the Duke of Boulogne took advantage of this event to attack a again his protégé. And for the surfers, this is the time too.

Damso is now flying with its own wings, and it does not please really Booba. The reason for this ? B2O has not appreciated that his protégé is leaving his label 92i : “the next time I tèj a girl, I the plate on Insta. Thank you for your shnek blahblahblah…“, he posted on Instagram. Damso tried to work things out with this message : “no matter the nature of your decision, I respect your choice. Thank you for the strength and the visibility that thou hast given me during all these years since Pinocchio.” An attempt of reconciliation, which has not worked unfortunately.

The new tackle of Booba at Damso

Today, all the opportunities seem to be good to tackle at Damso. For its part, the interpreter of “Smog” continues to make his way quietly : he also set fire to the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, Tuesday 4 December 2018, with special guests Angela, Kalash, Orelsan and Vald with whom he collaborated on the song “Window”. A concert at the height of the hopes of the fans of the rapper and the duo Twinsmatic : “Bravo @thedamso for this Bercy full, it’s a pleasure to hear “Autotune” the classic that it was made to !“, he posted on Instagram.

A message “liked” more than 26 000 times and commented on by guess who ? Booba, well played ! The Duke of Boulogne took advantage of this compliment to tackle once again Damso, before deleting his comment and unfollow Twinsmatic : “It looks good flingué yeah.” Not very nice… would There be jealousy in the air ?

The users choose their camp

For their part, internet users have quickly chosen their camp : “frankly there Booba, it is pitiful“, “Booba, it disappoints with its behavior vis-à-vis of Damso“, “Booba it sees that it is not master of his clash with Damso, it is that attacks have no effect“, “Booba is frustrated to the awareness rising of Damso“, “Damso in 5 years in the rap it has crashed by far as Booba in 15 years“, “Booba he wants to not grow up a bit ? Move on to something else big“, “what kid, need to let go of the case at the end of a time“, we can read on Twitter. Too much is too much for the Tweeters.


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