Bond of poisonings with mushrooms in the last 15 days

Bond des intoxications liées aux champignons ces 15 derniers jours

Wild mushrooms should not be eaten raw, and you should never give them to children.

Published on 10/11/2018 at 14:29
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Intoxications related to the consumption of wild mushrooms have “increased sharply” during the last fifteen days, announced the national Agency of sanitary security (Anses), which calls for “vigilance” lovers collection.

The weather in the month of September and the first fortnight of the month of October (high temperature and drought) were not conducive to the growth of fungi. But “the cooler temperatures and wet these last fifteen days have been more favourable,” said Anses in a statement.

These past two weeks, 249 cases of poisoning have been reported to poison centres, four of which are serious, says the agency. From July to mid-October, poison control centres had recorded a number ranging from 5 to 60 cases per week. In total, seven serious cases have been registered since July.

Digestive disorders that can be fatal

These illnesses are likely to cause severe digestive disorders, liver, which may require a graft and may even be life threatening.

The Handles and the Directorate general of Health remind us of a whole series of tips caution: do not pick the mushrooms that we know perfectly ; if in any doubt, do control the harvest by a specialist (pharmacist, society of mycology, etc.). But also collect only specimens in good condition and complete, to allow for identification.

Wild mushrooms should not be eaten raw, and you should never give them to children. Anses also recommends to photograph his collection before consumption, in order to assist pharmacists or doctors to decide treatment in the event of a problem.

The symptoms usually begin to appear within 12 hours after consumption. Anses provides seasonal monitoring of poisoning by fungi from the data of the poison control centres.


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