Blackmail over sextape of Valbuena, justice validates the investigation of Benzema

Chantage à la sextape de Valbuena, la justice valide l'enquête visant Benzema

Maybe there will be a trial in the case of the sextape of Valbuena.

The centre-forward of Real Madrid is still not out of the woods : the court has validated this Thursday, November 8, the inquiry in the case of the blackmail over sextape of Mathieu Valbuena in which he is indicted, thus paving the way for a possible trial.

Karim Benzema is still not out of the woods: the court has validated Thursday the investigation in the case of the blackmail over sextape of Mathieu Valbuena in which he is indicted, thus paving the way for a possible trial.

The court of appeal of Paris has rejected the claim of nullity of the Real Madrid striker, which the defense complained about the actions of a police officer acting under cover as an intermediary between Mathieu Valbuena and the blackmailers alleged.

But the lawyer of Benzema, Me Sylvain Cormier, has immediately expressed its wish to appeal to the supreme court. “I believe that we are dealing with a court of appeal, which wanted to make of the resistance, as it happens sometimes”, he lamented, denouncing a “caricature of manoeuvres unfair” on the part of the investigators.

In July 2017, the Court of cassation had given reason to the defense and cancelled a whole block of the procedure, weakening the investigation open in 2015.
The board of Mathieu Valbuena, Me Paul-Albert Iweins, on the contrary, welcomed the decision. “The procedure continues, and I am delighted for Mr. Valbuena who want the truth justice is done publicly in this folder,” he said.

This case, in which six people are under investigation, has claimed his international career to Karim Benzema, the most ever recalled in Blue since November of 2015, just like Mathieu Valbuena, former player of OM and Olympique lyonnais, and that is evolving today in Turkey, Fenerbahçe.

Five other people are charged, including Djibril Cissé

In addition to the Real Madrid striker, five other people are accused, including the former international Djibril Cissé. The brains of alleged blackmail Mustapha Zouaoui and Axel Angot, coalescing in the middle of the football, are suspected of having stolen the intimate video of Mathieu Valbuena and then tried to take advantage of them.

They were accused of having tried to approach Valbuena to first through Djibril Cisse, and then by Younes Houass, a man who also has contacts in the football. He is the one who chatted with “Lukas”, the police officer acting under cover. According to his defence, he has never had the video between hands, and never mentioned on its own initiative of a question of money with his interlocutor.

Finally, the master-singers were alleged to have approached Valbuena thanks to Benzema in the contacting by means of her childhood friend Karim Zenati, also put in consideration.

If Benzema has never been in direct contact with “Lukas,” his lawyer had relied on at the hearing in October, the theory of the “dominoes”: “If you remove the beginning of an investigation, if his initial acts are tainted by irregularities, well, the whole must fall.”

“It was obvious that there was manipulation of the police in this case and it is in these conditions that the whole process had been flawed”, hammered again Thursday Me Cormier.

For his brother Samim Bolaky, a lawyer of Younis Houass, “it remains in the same stubbornness of justice”. “No financial reward, no threat, which are the constituent elements of the offence of blackmail were not raised before the intervention of the police,” he recalled in October.

His client has, therefore, filed a complaint against X and against the investigator infiltrated for “forgery and use of forgery”. A complaint received Tuesday the public prosecutor of Nanterre.
The decision of the court of appeals “forced everyone to go to the Court of cassation. If it confirms its position in 2017, it will allow everyone to be finished with this matter,” said ms. Bolaky.

Sylvain Cormier, however, has been deplored by a lengthening of the procedure after this decision. “The matter will be in abeyance for more than a year,” he estimated.


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