Black Mirror : an episode of Christmas expected to be on Netflix ?

Black Mirror : un épisode de Noël prévu sur Netflix ?

Black Mirror : an episode of Christmas expected to be on Netflix ?

The series most creepy on our future could return earlier than expected on our screens. Netflix would teasé the date of 28 December, which may correspond to the broadcast of an episode of Black Mirror… Christmas special. The rumor growing on social networks and the title of this episode would have even been unveiled.

Christmas spirit

As fans of Black Mirror the know, Netflix has made official the return of the series of anthology for a season 5. And so initially, the date was fixed-current 2019, finally, you may be entitled to a episode of Christmas before the end of the year 2018. This is the rumor that circulates on the social networks since the official account of Netflix posted a GIF and a foreshadowing of what awaits you on the platform of streaming for the month of December. To December 28, 2018, the company has teasé with those question marks : “?????????”. What you need to make fools of the internet users.

All the more that prior to this tweet, as had been noted on the site the Twitter account @NXOnNetflix had confirmed the rumor by writing, “Black Mirror : Bandersnatch” before the date of 28 December. A message that has since been deleted…

A episode way Alice in wonderland ?

While many series offer episodes of Christmas during the holiday season, Black Mirror could also be put there. Except that instead of the reindeer and their sleigh, in the workshop of Father Christmas or gifts under the christmas tree, the episode of the famous TV show is likely to be much less optimistic.

If one relies on the assumed title, “Bandersnatch”, it should therefore be based on the novel Of the other side of the mirror of Lewis Carroll, alias the result of Alice’s Adventures in wonderland. The “Bandersnatch” is in fact a creature, fierce and fast outcome of this literary work. And it is not part of the gentiles of the story. Another question also arises : will-t-it, if there’s an episode of the 7th season of 4 or 1 of season 5 ? Case to follow.


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