Biterrois : big booty to the operation of mine clearance of the canal du Midi

Biterrois : gros butin pour l’opération de déminage du canal du Midi

The divers have put together a big booty.

Published on 08/11/2018 at 21:26
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Various facts, Béziers

The bombs were in the canal du Midi since 1945.

The operation of mine clearance of the bombs of the Second world War found in the Canal du midi was completed. For three days, the deminers have passed the channel in the comb.

And the balance sheet is still a result. They have rebounded, according to the services of the common, eleven anti-tank mines, fourteen shells (20, 70 and 130 mm, three hand-grenades, nine rockets cracker shells, a lighter of mine and cartridges.

Thrown into the water during the war

Material that, in all likelihood was thrown in the water by the German forces at the time of escape at the end of the War.

During this time, the inhabitants have had to adapt their daily lives to avoid risks. There has been no problems reported.


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