Béziers : the discharge wild near the highway has been cleaned

Béziers : la décharge sauvage près de l’autoroute a été nettoyée

The services of the city are carried out on site over two days.

For two days, the City has cleaned up the places of deposits wild on the banks of the river Libron.

It took two days for the services of the City to arrive at the end. Tuesday, Noon, Free, echoing the complicated situation that lived the residents of the banks of the Tunnel, in the area of the Cantagal, on the commune of Béziers.

In recent times, the deposits wild were multiple, to such a point that the place turned into a mini-landfill is open to the sky. In the middle of multiple rubble, gas bottles, appliances, bottles, and whatnot…

Nearly 90 tonnes of waste

Tuesday and Wednesday, the officers of the City who intervened on the spot, while pointing out that the places, at the edge of the A75 motorway, belonged to the State and that she would send the invoice to the competent services. In all they have done during the two days, fifteen back-and-forth with a dump truck, which evacuated nearly 90 tonnes of waste.

The mayor of Béziers had visited the site Tuesday morning to find the facts, before a team of agent will not be in action. These cases are frequent, since the services of the municipality state that the City had done the same, “in twenty other dumps in Béziers in recent months.”


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