Béziers : 10 years in prison for having attacked a pharmacist with a syringe

Béziers : 10 ans de prison pour avoir attaqué une pharmacienne avec une seringue

Ten years in jail for having robbed a pharmacy armed with a syringe allegedly infected.

The accused had attacked Saturday, November 3, the pharmacy down the Aisles Paul Riquet in Béziers and stole a sum of money in cash.

This Friday, the court of Béziers has sentenced a man to 10 years in prison for having attacked a pharmacist in his pharmacy by threatening her with a syringe that he could be infected with aids. He was then given the contents of the cash register in the pharmacy.

Recognized through the video

The pharmacist has filed a complaint on 5 November and after viewing images from surveillance video police have identified and found the culprit. It has been formally recognized by the victim and acknowledged the facts in its custody.

Requisitions severe

The representative of the public prosecutor of Béziers, Clément Jacquet, has warned that its claims would be severe. “He incurs a penalty of 14 years due to recidivism. He was released from prison a few days ago. It displays 26 convictions, the majority for acts of violence and refuses to fit into society. He recognizes and fully accepts.”

A sentence neutralizing

The defense attorney, Me Tchacoteu has pleaded for a sentence to be more moderate. “It is necessary to take into account his personality. Let him live in prison won’t solve anything. He must be helped to fit into society and not eliminate it.”

She has not been heard. The accused was placed in custody and will not appeal his conviction. “This is a sentence which has a function of neutralizing, explained the president of the court Clear Ougier, since you don’t want to insert.”


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