Better Buratino: in the Russian kindergartens have banned the foreign costumes of the characters

Лучше Буратино: в российских садиках запретили костюмы иностранных героев

At the Christmas carnivals in the Russian kindergartens no one else will see kids in the images of Superman, Batman or spider-Man.

This was told by the employee of the Moscow kindergarten Galina, reports “”.

“Dear parents, we would like to see your children in a beautiful children’s carnival costumes, not the costumes are foreign cartoon characters” the woman reported

The woman explained to the parents that supposedly according to the requirements of the new year’s scenario, you should not dress your children in ninja Turtle or spider-Man. Those parents who with the innovation did not agree, an employee of the kindergarten advised to dress your child in “white top and black bottom”. On specifying question, whether on this occasion the official order, the teacher did not answer.

Лучше Буратино: в российских садиках запретили костюмы иностранных героев

About a similar case earlier it was told by the inhabitant of Magadan. It is published on the page in Facebook the ads from the kindergarten for parents. In it they talked about the inadmissibility of the costumes of the characters of modern foreign cartoons on morning.

“The teachers of the kindergarten prepared a script for the matinee, which has the following characters: girls — dolls, boys — characters of national fairy tales and cartoons (Buratino, Pierrot, Cipollino, harlequin, dunno, knights, Musketeers, etc.)” kindergarten teachers

Лучше Буратино: в российских садиках запретили костюмы иностранных героев

Recallthat the Ukrainians began to protest in support of detainees in the Kerch Strait Ukrainian sailors.

Residents of Odessa took to the streets and began to stop cars with Russian numbers. Its share of the citizens is carried out under the slogan: “Sha, nobody going nowhere”.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in Kharkov in response to the aggression of Russia in the Azov sea set fire to the Consulate General of the aggressor.

Also “Znayu” I wrote the occupiers began to throw in jail the captured Ukrainian sailors.


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