Bethesda holding the Fallout 76 money, frustrated fans

Bethesda "зажала" деньги разочарованных Fallout 76 фанатов

American private law firm Miglaccio & Rathod LLP collects reviews of consumers affected by unfair trading practices by Bethesda Game Studios.

Bethesda "зажала" деньги разочарованных Fallout 76 фанатов

Lawyers are investigating and are going to file a class action lawsuit against the developers of Fallout 76, who refuse to return money for the goods of improper quality. It is worth noting that a new game company was a failure, and all those who purchased the game before or after release, I want to get my money back for a bad game. However, there are some problems with the refund.

An investigation connected with zabagovannost game at launch and the failure of the company to compensate for PC-users unplayable product. Lawyers say that the launch of Fallout 76 was accompanied by a patch on 56 GB. The developers also refused to refund the money, stressing the fact that users have already downloaded the product. Most likely, we are talking about millions of dollars that the company does not want to take out from your pocket.

Bethesda "зажала" деньги разочарованных Fallout 76 фанатов

The law firm, where players send their stories of a bad experience return money fell from the influx of users. About the lawyers said in a post on Reddit. We will follow the development of this massive conflict.

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