Benalla: Bayrou “does not approve” of the “attacks” against the Senate

Benalla: Bayrou "n'approuve pas" les "attaques" contre le Sénat

The president of MoDem, François Bayrou, “does not approve” of the “attacks” against the Senate, he said Thursday in an interview in the Figaro, so that a tension exists between the executive and the assembly on the subject of its commission of inquiry on the case of Benalla.

“A young man of 26 years, bathed in the aura of the Elysée palace, believed that he could laugh at rules and practices. The safety barriers that must be included in any power have not worked,” said Mr. Bayrou.

“This is why I advocate a Parliament of full-year, respected, better balanced, which exercises its supervisory role vis-à-vis the executive. It does its job, that is why I do not approve of for example, attacks against the Senate”, continued the president of the MoDem, partner of The Republic on the within of the majority.

The tension exists between the executive and the assembly, including the Commission of inquiry has resumed this week its hearings in the case of Benalla. The main concerned, as well as the former employee of LREM, Vincent Crasis, will be interviewed on 19 September.

Mr. Benalla has notably qualified of “petit marquis” the president of the Commission des Lois of the Senate, Philippe Bas (LR).

Mr. Macron has called on the Senate president to ask him to guarantee the institutional balance, stating in substance that the senate committee on the case of Benalla walked away, according to the site of Obs.

Mr Bayrou also believes that Emmanuel Macron should “end up with the French the momentum of the spring of 2017,” while the French “do not see well where to lead the reform.”

“There is a happy exception: it is the policy of the national education. Here, we see where we are going, and the French adhere to them. I hope and believe that he can do the same for the fight against poverty,” wished Mr. Bayrou, while Emmanuel Macron presented the plan on poverty Thursday.


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