Bella Hadid injured in full parade : she admits to having continued to walk in spite of the blood

Bella Hadid blessée en plein défilé : elle confie avoir continué à marcher malgré le sang

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Bella Hadid, was injured during a parade : she tells that he continued to walk in spite of the blood.

The life of a model can sometimes be grueling. Because in the life of glitter, the tops work very hard. Bella Hadid was even told a very stressful moment of his career. During a fashion show, she was wounded until blood but continued to move forward on the podium, keeping the smile.

Hard to be a mannequin

Ambassador of luxury watch brand TAG Heuer, Bella Hadid has been invited to an event of the claw, which was held in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, on Monday 26 November 2018. During her stay, she responded to several questions. The a was including to know if she had already “cracked under pressure”. The one who would be betrothed to The Weeknd then said to live “several stressful situations” in her profession and especially recalls a moment of excruciating in particular.

It was a very “painful and stressful” during a “fashion show”. “They were on the point of pushing me on the podium and my dress was broken so they had to pull up my zipper” she remembered, without specifying the brand for which she was walking on the catwalk. Except that it was horrible for Bella Hadid : “They were in the process of tearing my skin while they closing the zipper”.

“There was blood”

Unfazed despite the suffering and the blood that flowed from the outfit, the top would have moved to New York with the interpreter of “Starboy” said : “suddenly there was blood on the side of my dress and I had to hold my dress while I was walking on the catwalk. Keeping a cool head, smile and professionalism, the sister of Gigi Hadid was as if nothing had happened as she passed by.

“It was a dress very tight and they have continued to the close”, so “it was painful, but I continued to walk and tried not to crack under the pressure,” she concluded. In the Face of stress, the muse of Victoria’s Secret, then, attempts to keep his composure.


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