Bayrou LREM: “the majority needs to vote in a free, no corset”

Bayrou à LREM: "la majorité a besoin de voix libres, pas de corset"

The president of the MoDem François Bayrou said on Sunday that “the majority needs to vote in a free, no corset,” a week after the protests of the training centre that wishes to be better treated by her partner LREM.

As LREM, the MoDem had since its creation in 2007, the vocation to “raise a generation that renewed the cleavage left right”, said Mr Bayrou, at the closing of the university of the year movement in Guidel (Morbihan), in front of Christophe Castaner, executive director of LREM and minister of Relations with parliament.

This “closeness in the aspirations forces us to speak not as competitors but as co-leaders, each in his place, but also everyone in the equal certainty of this responsibility,” he said.

“The majority of in need of free voices that speak within it, no corset,” said Mr. Bayrou. “When one is responsible, we want everything to be square, but the freedom of expression, thought, is much more fruitful”.

Last week, the mp MoDem Jean-Louis Bourlanges had blasted a majority of “trompe l’oeil” and a “setting aside” of his training.

The centrists had decided to send “a signal”, a nomination a surprise to the presidency of the national Assembly, the chairman of the group, Marc Fesneau. He had collected 86 votes, far more than the 46 members of his party.

On Sunday, Christophe Castaner replied, in a speech before Mr Bayrou: “the improvement” within five years “should be built in a fairly demanding and I have very well understood the message”.

“I call on all those in the majority to express their proposals without considering that there is a violation of some principle of majority rule whether it is”, asked François Bayrou. A critical indirect, of the principle which forbids mps LREM sign texts not coming from their ranks.


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