Basketball : the BLMA treats the difference in the face of Ceglèd (92-50)

Basket-ball : le BLMA soigne la différence face à Ceglèd (92-50)

Whitcomb and Gazelles in the demonstration.

The Gazelles of the BLMA have rolled their opponents, the Hungarian Ceglèd on the occasion of the 3rd day of the Eurocoupe (92, 50), a gap significantly higher than the 76-62 managed by Asvel Lyon at the expense of the same opponent a week ago which could count to the final count.

Parties on a whopping 14-0 initial (1’46), with a Whitcomb, already on fire, (it will end up as best scorer with 30 points), Héraultaises have reached the rest at + 28 (55-27) with a 10/17 in the firing of award-winning.

With such a gap, and despite the reactions of sporadic powerful Dongue inside (16 points), Sverisdottir and Popovic to the outer side visiting, the second half could hardly be of the same ilk and, it was especially important to avoid a bad kick in the face of Hungarian sometimes a little limits.

Despite an address very clearly indented (14/42), the Gazelles finished coasting, and reinforces their position at the head of this group I at the end of matches to go.


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