Basketball : Ornella Bankolé to the stimulus with the BLMA


Basket-ball : Ornella Bankolé à la relance avec le BLMA

Ornella Bankolé wants to enjoy the environment to its second season in the BLMA.

While the BLMA receives the Hungarian Cegrès this Wednesday at 20 pm on the 3rd day of Eurocoupe, the young winger héraultaise has finally found the floors after a second season on injury.

It was almost a year, still too early to have it erased, “but it is in the past and we must move forward, I have always reasoned like this,” smile to the lips, however, these comments were from Ornella Bankolé, a ray of freshness of the French basketball.

The memory in question, this rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the face of Bourges. Or the terrible clap at the end of a season limited to seven little league games and five Euroleague ! Ouch… A time that had been enough to show a real talent.

The following, this will be a transaction on January 9, at the clinique du Sport in Paris, “with Dr. Antoine Gerometta, who had already taken care of me the first time,” the rehabilitation of Berck-sur-Mer “with a physio that I know well”, and then to Kinépôle “with Gaëlle (Skrela) who has helped me so much, guided.”

“Never felt excluded from any of the team”

From the top of its 21 years, Ornella tells his story with ease, not forgetting Nico (Nicolas Perez) which has support for “individual work adapted, shooting, dribbling… on a chair, ten days after the injury,” and then John throughout the summer, reaching always the ball.

This injury, the native of Auxerre had already lived on the other knee in the first game of the Euro U18 in 2015 (defeat in the final, already silver medallist in 2014 at the U18 also). But she found a way to stay positive : “it made me a lot because I knew exactly what was waiting for me, and I had no doubt to come back. I was this time much more serene, quiet.”

Then, this season will be a mess in all points, Ornella has, therefore, been passed as it has been seen in the context… Between coming to training, home matches, a couple of times also outside, when the distance in paris. Assuring : “I have never felt excluded from the team. I made sure to encourage the girls, to give them the smile. They are data to background, have never let go of, it is important not to throw the stone.”

Solidarity the kid… a Few months, a strength renewed to 80 % later, the same is pleased to be a part of this group, which is one, in victory as in defeat. This team is a true happiness, there is no clan, no split between French and foreign, I have rarely experienced this.”

At 21 years old, her career has already offered some experiences from Chalon-sur-Saône, the pole hopes of Dijon, the federal centre (2012-2015) left for Calais in the League, “where I have kept excellent memories. In the wake of my break of the crusader, they were invaluable, gave me my first professional contract, for all these reasons, to have game time, I stayed in League 2. But I could very well have to opt for Cavigal Nice in order to join Rachid (Meziane).” It will only be a postponement, two seasons later, “because his project with the BLMA interested me a lot”.

“It was a very great thirst for victories”

After this role not injured supporter, during the first year, Ornella has returned more motivated than ever, the current season in “being passed to something else. Everything is new, I turned the page, I reboot, in fact, a new episode of my career”.

Alongside his great friend Alix Duchet (3 months and 13 days his junior) with whom she shares a 4th season, the one which has a double-project (1st year of college of sciences) has started piano : “I need a time to adapt and find my marks. I have confidence in my knees, but I do not give 100% while providing maximum.” The best is yet to come no doubt for the n° 3 which doesn’t hide it, “it was a very great thirst for victories”. She will say no more but each one will be translated.

# Wednesday, 20 h, at the palais des sports de Lattes, BLMA-Ceglèd (seats : 7 € and 4 € reduced rate, free admission for children under 8 years of age).


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