Basketball : girls of Lattes-Montpellier are needed at home against Roche Vendée (81-66)

Basket-ball : les filles de Lattes-Montpellier s'imposent à domicile face à Roche-Vendée (81-66)

Published on 10/11/2018 at 20:28
Changed the 10/11/2018 at 20:44


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Despite the difference of their coach Rachid Méziane, the Gazelles remain leaders of the championship.

Rachid Méziane ruled out since Thursday and “private” match on Saturday, the atmosphere was tense at the Palais des sports de Lattes, where the staff led by Thibaud Small has experienced an evening to be complicated. The final victory of the BLMA (81-66) if it is logic (33’09 at commands) has been seriously challenged by the visitors, who come with no inhibitions and with a Ngoyisa preserved.

A final decisive

The start of the match left to consider if this is an evening totally serene (14-6, 22-15) at least one game managed to experience by the Gazelles. In fact, the score remained balanced at rest (41-37). The “reds” were going to the same offer a few passages in the head (30-32, 33-34), the latter at 57-58 on a set of Samson. In a last effort, with achievements award-winning, Whitcomb (2), and Bankolé (1), the BLMA was going to dig the difference, avoiding a hell of a disappointment and keeping the head of the championship.


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