Basket Lattes-Montpellier : coach Rachid Méziane rejected

Basket Lattes-Montpellier :  l'entraîneur Rachid Méziane écarté

Rachid Méziane will not be on the bench of the BLMA this Saturday.

Published on 10/11/2018 at 11:26
Changed the 10/11/2018 at 11:44



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In place since the beginning of last season, the coach will not lead to the Gazelles this Saturday.

Rachid Méziane will not be on the bench of the BLMA this Saturday (18 h 30) during the meeting of the 5th day of the women’s League in the face of Roche Vendée. The one who was at the controls of the professional team since the season 2017-2018 has been provided the training sessions of Thursday, Friday and the match, therefore, from this Saturday.

If you can be surprised of such a decision having regard to the balance sheet near-perfect of the person concerned since the Pre Open in Villenave : 8 successes on 9 matches, 1st place (ex-aequo) of the women’s League, the group I Eurocoupe with a no-fault, and all chances of finishing top of the group while offering a game attractive enough, a procedure of course is part of the BLMA Friday for serious reasons.

It is his assistant, the Belgian Thibaud Small (38 years old), the route of which has been shared between the teams and selections of men and women, in Belgium and Switzerland, with a small parenthesis French at Arras,… before being thanked in January 2013, which will ensure the management of the team this Saturday. In the meantime the rest of the events…


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