Bank of the heart : Cyril Hanouna reveals the name of the stars who join her project

Cyril Hanouna : the stars who join his “bank of the heart”

While the movement of the yellow vests continues to grow, Cyril Hanouna was to come in aid to the most deprived. This Friday, December 7, 2018, the host of TPMP is returned to his project of “bank of the heart” announced on-air and revealed the names of some of the stars who will participate in…

Cyril Hanouna in the footsteps of Coluche ? Anxious to help the yellow vests that increase the events, the host of TPMP announced on 4 December its intention to launch a “bank of the heart” to help the needy. A project on which it is being returned this Friday, December 7, 2018 in The morning by Europe 1. The one who has invited yellow vests on her tray even confessed to Nikos felt guilty : “At one point, I almost said that I used them. I invite them on my tray, I give them the word, but I said to myself : ‘what do I do, me, to them ?’. Doing the mariole to the tv is good, I like it, but there are other things to do. […] Then, there was the idea of the ‘bank of the heart'”.

How will it work ?

He encouraged the more affluent to help those who need it : “I don’t ask people who are struggling to live to give, but I ask the heads of companies, those that have important ways of giving and allow people in difficulty to live better every month”. To access this bank of the heart, it will be necessary to establish a file available on a website which should soon see the light of day. The money will then be redistributed according to the needs of each individual.

“A lot of artists have joined me”

If he does not expect a miracle, they just hope to help some people : “It is not said that we are going to revolutionize things, but I think that it is our duty to all to help these people”, adding “The government at work to do, but we also, we must take our responsibilities. I do not force anyone, I just hope to successfully launch the thing”. It seems rather well party, since several of the personalities are ready to follow, in addition to Elie Semoun : “a Lot of artists I have joined, such as Franck Dubosc, Mouloud Achour, or Michaël Youn”. Given the number of stars who support the movement, it is assumed that the list will get longer !


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