Balthazar season 1 : the cousin of Castle and Mentalist arrives on TF1

Balthazar saison 1 : la cousine de Castle et Mentalist débarque sur TF1

Balthazar season 1 : the cousin of Castle and Mentalist arrives on TF1

You still can’t give you for Castle and the Mentalist ? Dry your tears, TF1 will broadcast its own detective series in the same vein. And Tomer Sisley and Hélène de Fougerolles, its actors, who speak about the better.

A police series endearing

Still a mystery series ?! It is the reaction that one may have in discovering the trailer for Balthazar, the new fiction of TF1, which begins this Thursday, December 6. And because, it follows the adventures of Balthazar (Tomer Sisley), a forensic pathologist gifted & head slaps marked by a terrible tragedy, which teamed with the captain Bach (Hélène de Fougerolles), a cop for whom only the result that counts.

However, it has a real identity that makes it immediately endearing. When questioned on this subject by 20 Minutes, Hélène de Fougerolles has in effect confessed that “Balthazar” ticks all the boxes to keep us in suspense : “It is not only a cop and a medical examiner that will resolve the investigations, it is above all a fight between a dog and a cat who turn around and have two ways to be quite different. There are many sub-layers in this series.

The cousin of Patrick Jane

If we rely on his words, it will be impossible to resist this series in case you are a fans of Castle or the Mentalist : “It is necessary to resolve the investigations, but there are also the personal stories. The disappearance of the wife of Balthazar will be a little the red thread of the series, we are going to see that with my husband, it’s not going strong, and that it is also complex with my teenagers.

A vision is exciting and promising, shared by Tomer Sisley, the micro TVMag this time : “I found it poetic and interesting to tell the story that [Balthazar] find each and every day with him is his wife who has been dead for twelve years. (…) I like her relationship with the cop with whom he works, who recalls the codes of the romantic comedy.”

And if ever this is not enough to understand that Balthazar is the cousin of French Castle and Patrick Jane, the traits of the character should be enough to convince you : “He is a player, and teasingly, his childlike side is talking to me. A bit cocky and sure of himself, he has the awkwardness of those who make a little too much“.

So yes, this is not necessarily original, but it is terribly effective.


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