Bad weather harvests: Ukraine faced a wave of terrible accident

Непогода собирает урожай: Украину накрыла волна жутких ДТП


In Kyiv as of Monday evening, November 26 only officially recorded 113 calls on the Commission dorozhno-transport incidents.

This reports the press service of the police of Kiev.

Monday in the capital began with the mass of accidents on the roads. Rain, sleet and icy conditions have left many drivers a chance to avoid the accident. Due to the bad weather affected a lot of cars, and the police declared the accident as much as 113 times.

Непогода собирает урожай: Украину накрыла волна жутких ДТП

“As of 17:00 (26 November – approx. ed) on line 102 received 113 reports of the accident”, – is spoken in the message.

Earlier it was reported that a terrible accident occurred in the Transcarpathian region. The accident involving EuroBLECH one person died, three were seriously injured.

According to law enforcement became aware that a car moving at high speed. As a result, the driver did not fit into the turn and flew into a concrete bridge support.

Непогода собирает урожай: Украину накрыла волна жутких ДТП

As a result of collision with a concrete pillar from the received traumas the driver died in the intensive care unit of Khust hospital.

We will remind, the car at breakneck speed flew off the bridge into the water, only one survived. In Dubrovytsky district of Rivne region in the water from the bridge fell on the car, two people were killed and one escaped with injuries, according to the Department of communication of the police region.

As reported Know. ua, Kiev there was a terrible accident, a strange force pulled people from the Hellfire. As a result, one of the cars through the barrier flew into a ditch and caught fire.

Also Know As. ua wrote that a young company on EuroBLECH there smashing into a concrete bridge, passengers were lucky, but the driver of this is not know. The young man had no rights to control the vehicle.


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