Baby not sleeping? Named easy way to tire the child

Малышу не спится? Назван простой способ утомить ребенка

Kids who spend most of the day on the abdomen, sleeping tight.

Researchers from the University of Michigan surveyed 22 six-month child and came to the conclusion that youngsters, which lies on the belly also develops physically, reports the Daily Maily.

Малышу не спится? Назван простой способ утомить ребенка

“Although we have no evidence that this position directly affects sleep, but it does increase physical activity,” said the study’s lead author, Janet Hauk (Janet Hauck).

The fact is that until the baby is on my belly and watching adults, trying to emulate their behavior, while developing motor skills.

In the experiment, the researchers attached an accelerometer to the ankles of babies, in order to assess how active and how much they sleep during the day. The doctors also measured the weight and height of infants.

The results showed that infants who do not sleep at night, fed more often during the night. As a result, they were inactive during the day.

Малышу не спится? Назван простой способ утомить ребенка

Sleep also promotes a healthy weight. Children who slept less than 12 hours, usually weighed much more than their peers.

That confirms previous studies that link proper sleep in the first six months of a child’s life with a healthy weight. Scientists also found that lack of sleep in the period of two months, even affect the size of the baby six years later. It should be noted that daytime sleep does not compensate for the night.

However, the researchers stress that their study was small. There is therefore need to conduct more extensive scientific work on this topic.

It should be noted that many parents believe that newborns should sleep all night long.

It turned out that interrupted sleep for infants leads to the development of psychomotor disorders or psychological disorders.

The researchers also found no correlation between newborns who Wake up at night, and the occurrence of postnatal depression in their mothers.

Малышу не спится? Назван простой способ утомить ребенка

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