Aya Nakamura is feeling up in the United States : the US press him with open arms !

Aya Nakamura fait sensation jusqu'aux Etats-Unis : la presse US lui ouvre les bras !

Aya Nakamura interviewed by The Fader, a famous american magazine : a beautiful consecration

Even if Aya Nakamura has not won the prize of the “francophone Song of the year” at the NMA 2018, she has won a portrait dedicated to his life and his career in The Fader, a famous american magazine with great influence. A beautiful consecration to the interpreter of “Djadja” who has not finished his hit.

The effect Aya Nakamura is totally crazy since the release of “Behavior”, but it is even more so since the arrival of “Djadja”, the tube must in the summer. Difficult today to move to the side of the singer who does not talk much about it since the fail of Nikos Aliagas the NMA 2018 : the presenter has changed its name to “Yaka Nakamura”. Excited, she posted a tweet that ignited after the ceremony, and his reaction has surprised a good number of people like Matthew Delormeau and the radio host, Cauet.

“People take me seriously now”

In spite of the bad buzz and his defeat in the category ‘francophone Song of the year” at the NMA 2018, Aya Nakamura has won one of the most beautiful rewards : an interview in the famous american magazine The Fader. The interpreter of “Girlfriends” reveals in particular if its daily life has changed or not since the beginning of his career : “Not much to me, at least. I drop my daughter to nursery school every day, as do all parents. In fact, people take me seriously now.

Aya Nakamura said, then a little bit more about her debut : “I was struggling to find a job. I was singing all the time, so my sisters and friends to me have advised to go to the studio and begin to record my own discs. I didn’t know how to record a song, but thanks to friends, I found a studio and an engineer who has agreed to help me. I was composing my songs at home, I took the RER to join the 77, which was the opposite of where I lived, but I didn’t care.

“People were asking me to whiten my skin”

If the singer proved a massive hit today, this has not always been easy for her to find her place in the middle : “It is difficult when you are a black woman in this industry (…) people were asking me to whiten my skin or wear a foundation with a more clear to attract a wider audience, but I myself do not have much left to do. I don’t want to be a victim“. Statements touching, until she returns on the dissemination of the picture of her without makeup.

I tried to keep my composure, but in reality, the people there were strong to compare myself to a man or god knows what else. It was really violent, but I feel better now, “says one who has worked with Niska on the song “Lollipop”.


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