Avengers 4 : the super-heroes depressed and lost in the first trailer

Avengers 4 : the super-heroes are depressed and lost in the first trailer

Avengers 4 will be called “Endgame”. You do not care ? Don’t worry, Marvel has also taken advantage of this revelation to unveil the first trailer of the film. And obviously, all our super-hero will be depressed. Snif.

FINALLY. It was expected for weeks, Marvel has finally put online the first trailer of the Avengers 4 ENDGAME (that is her official title !). And as could be expected, in light of the end of Avengers 3, at the time where we can find our favorite super heroes in April 2019, the mood will not be festive.

Long live the blues

The programme of the trailer ? Tony Stark is adrift in space and announces he is about to die (it has more oxygen), Hawkeye (that everyone had forgotten about it) is spent in a mode of mega-assassin-anarchic stylish too, Bruce Banner and Thor seem to realize what a defeat against Thanos is their fault (the first because it does not control the Hulk, the second one because his stupidity prevented him from slicing the arm of Thanos with his axe) and Steve Rogers is now renamed Captain Depressed, obliged to console him by Natasha.

Scott Lang arrives

And that is all ? Yes, that’s all. This first trailer gives us no indication of the events to come in this sequel. We don’t know where is Thanos, if the human the missing are really dead or hidden in one of the stones, where is Captain Marvel, and what is their plan to save everything. Only indication, Scott Lang aka Ant-Man should be one of the keys of the return of hope. We don’t know how, but given the reaction of Captain America upon his arrival at the HQ, it promises to be interesting.


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